The Sunset is Back… or is it the Sunrise?

Hello! So I haven't blogged in almost 2 years. I know its weird but life kinda got the best of me. I recently remembered that I had a blog and wanted to come check it out. I highly doubt that anyone is actually listening but I figured why the hell not. So here I am,... Continue Reading →

A Place With History

"Do not do to others what angers you if done to you by others" -Socrates Hey guys, today's blog post takes us to a wonderful place called Greece! Before I begin, this is the last official blog post I have to do for school, the amount of posts after this post is currently uncertain. Well,... Continue Reading →

Sunset Silhouettes

Hey guys! Todays blog post is going to be about pictures I took while I was going somewhere. It is around sunset time and the sky looks absolutely amazing. The sky is starting to turn a dark blue so there is almost an ombre of dark to light blue. The horizon is glowing gold with... Continue Reading →

Looking Down for a Change

Hey guys! So before I begin I really want to know what you guys want me to write about. I have no clue about where I am trying to take this account so I would really appreciate your input. So, if you actually read my posts and not just like them, comment, and let me... Continue Reading →

Gateway to South America

Hey guys! So for Spanish I have to do a culture project about Columbia and I thought, what better place to write a travel blog about that the place I am being forced to study. Before I begin I want to make it clear that this is the county Columbia in South America not Columbia... Continue Reading →

After the Rain

Hey guys! Its been a hot minute since I blogged! I am sorry I have been totally MIA but I have been really busy with homework, tests, and finals... so basically school. Hopefully I will be able to blog more but I guess we will see. Story time... These pictures were taken after the whole... Continue Reading →

New York, New York

Hey guys! What's up? I know I've been MIA for a little while but I kind of took a break for the holidays. Oh yeah... Happy holidays / happy new year! Hopefully I'll post more this year! Anyways now to the blog post. There are so many great things about New York. Other than the... Continue Reading →

Another Sunset

Hey y'all!! So you might be wondering "when is she gonna stop posting sunset pictures!!!!" Well honestly... Probably never, I just love sunsets so much I literally can't stop! I'll try to take pictures of other stuff but I can't make any promises! Anyways let's get to the blog. So I got this picture from... Continue Reading →

Insula Gardari

Hey guys, I'm back with another travel blog!! I am gonna try to write a couple blogs throughout the week so I don't have random (long) gaps in my blog. Lets hope I actually do it though. So for today's blog I am gonna write about and amazing place called Iceland. Did you know that... Continue Reading →

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Hey Guys! I am so sorry for not posting as much but I am  so busy with my school work and my other blog To Kill a Blogging Bird, which you should definitely check out (#shamelessplug),  so I haven't had all the time in the world to write a blog post. However I did get... Continue Reading →

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