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Hey guys, I’m back with another travel blog!! I am gonna try to write a couple blogs throughout the week so I don’t have random (long) gaps in my blog. Lets hope I actually do it though.

So for today’s blog I am gonna write about and amazing place called Iceland. Did you know that Iceland was named “Iceland” because the vikings didn’t want people going to Iceland so they names it a very cold land (Ice-Land). Anyways some really cool places in Iceland are:

  1. Jokulsarlon, Vatnajokull National Park
  2. Gullfoss
  3. Lake Mývatn
  4. Thingvellir (Þingvellir) National Park
  5. Latrabjarg Sea Cliffs
  6. The Northern Lights

Don’t worry I’m gonna go into details about each place… I’m not that cruel…

  1. Jokulsarlon, Vatnajokull National Park

Jokulsarlon, meaning “glacial river lagoon” is a large glacial lake located on the border of

Image result for Jokulsarlon, Vatnajokull National ParkVatnajökull National Park, in southeast Iceland. The river

lagoon developed into a lake as the Vatnajokull glacier receded from the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. The lagoon starts on one side from the huge glacier and on the other side is the ocean.

2. Gullfoss

This waterfall is one of Iceland‘s main attractions. It is located on the Hvítá River and Related imageconsisted of two falls at 90 degree angles to each other. It has a total height of 32 meters and considered one of the most unique waterfalls in the world. The Gullfoss waterfall is part of the Golden Circle.

3. Lake Mývatn

Image result for Lake Mývatn

Located in northern Iceland, Myvatn is a very shallow lake in an active volcanic area. The lake was created by a large lava eruption over 2,000 years ago. The lake is famous for its wildlife, and the volcano surrounding it.


4. Thingvellir (Þingvellir) National Park

Image result for Thingvellir (Þingvellir) National ParkLocated in southwestern Iceland, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a site of historical, cultural, and geological importance. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge passes right through Thingvellir and separates the Eurasian Plate and North American Plate – which basically means that one part of Thingvellir is located in America while the other in Europe. It is also the place of the oldest parliament of the world

5. Latrabjarg Sea Cliffs

Látrabjarg marks the western-most part of Europe. The huge cliffs are home to millions

Related image

of birds, including puffins, northern gannets,guillemots and razorbills. It is vital for their survival as it hosts up to 40% of the world population for some species. It is Europe’s largest bird cliff, 14 km long and up to 440 meters high.


6. The Northern Lights

Image result for northern light iceland

Icelanders are privileged when it comes to the Northern Lights. They are visible for eight months a year, from early September to the end of April and in any of these months, you are likely to see some aurora activity. It looks like there are lights dancing in the sky.


Well if you want to go to Iceland, these are some places you should go to. Iceland is such a beautiful place. I hope this helped! See ya next time!

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