A Sight for Sore Eyes

Hey Guys! I am so sorry for not posting as much but I am  so busy with my school work and my other blog To Kill a Blogging Bird, which you should definitely check out (#shamelessplug),  so I haven’t had all the time in the world to write a blog post. However I did get some really cool shots of the sunset here in Orange County, before the fire and all of course. My prayers do go out to all the families and animals who have lost their home and to all of the people who are still working to completely eliminate the fire in Granada Hills. Wow, I am like jumping from thing to thing, I guess I have a lot on my mind. Now that I said all of that let us start the blog. 8)

The other day I saw this beautiful sunset, so naturally I went outside to take pictures of it. After taking a ton of pictures I went inside to look at the pictures I took and I realized I took pictures of the sunset changing. It went from yellowish gold to a beautiful red and then back to a yellow, pink, and blue in a matter of a minute. It was absolutely beautiful, the trees in front of the sunset are shadowed but incredibly detailed. When the sky turned red it honestly looked like a nature landscape picture, with the the exception of the electricity wire of course. Okay, enough boring you with details, here are three pictures that depict what I am talking about. I’ll catch you guys next time! Bye!!

Picture 1 taken at 6:11pm
Picture 2 taken at 6:11pm








Picture 3 taken 6:12pm


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