The Heart of America

Hey guys, so I decided that I am going to switch off between travel and photography blogs to make things easier. However, I have just been so busy with school that I have not had the chance to go out and take really cool pictures so you are going to see pictures from Hawaii until my next adventure.

This travel blog is going to be about “The Heart of America” or Chicago. I do not really get this nickname for Chicago but apparently Chicago is named “The Heart of America” because Chicago is one of the largest transportation centers in America and its location is near the center of the United States. I guess that kind of makes sense but I still feel like it is a far stretch. However, I really want to go to Chicago for a couple of reasons.

cloud gate

First, I want to go for family. I apparently have a lot of family there. However, I really want to go because of all of the “main attractions.” I feel like that is such a tourist thing to say but I guess I am a tourist since I have never been there.. maybe. Some things that I really want to see there include the art ioainstitute (duh.. I am a photography blog, why wouldn’t I go there), Grant Park (for cloud gate, and the other sculptures and stuff), and the Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain (who doesn’t love an amazing water fountain).

I just feel like Chicago has so many beautiful things like sculptures, viewing sites, parks and art pieces. I cannot wait to go there someday.

Well I know this is kinda a short blog but I hope you liked it! See ya next time with maybe a photography blog!


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