The Beginning of Everything

Hello, welcome to the Photographers Journal. On this blog I am going to write about different pictures and their origins along with places that I think are super cool and really want to go to or I have already gone. I will use some of my own pictures and maybe some other peoples pictures but we will see. In this blog you will see many pictures that are mostly landscape.

The first picture that I wanted to show you guys is a picture that I took at Honolulu, Hawaii. By the way there might be a lot of posts from there because Hawaii was my most recent trip where I could take a ton of picture. This specific picture is a sunset in Waikiki that I saw on my way to dinner.sunset.jpg The sky is extremely beautiful. In the picture the focal point would be the palm trees in front of the sunset with the building and the city coming to life for a fun night. The streets are buzzing with people while the building lights are turning on and businesses are getting ready for the night. You can see the buildings on the side with tons of shadowed palm trees and a couple of lights and buildings a little farther back. Meanwhile the beautiful sunset is in the background with its beautiful multi colored sky that complement each other. You can see the gold/yellow sun setting with a blue sky and a pink clouds and a hint of purple shadows. It honestly looks filtered but I promise you it’s not. That is a raw unedited photo of a Waikiki Sunset. Everyone says that Waikiki isn’t a very pretty place but when you really look at it, it truly is very beautiful.


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